Introduction to the Information Center for Social Sciences of Renmin University of China

Information Center for Social Sciences of Renmin University of China (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) was founded in 1958 and is the first academic publication institution in China collecting, classifying, storing and civilization heritage. After 50 years development, the Center has developed into a comprehensive and modern cross-media publishing and information services institution, which is possess journal publishing, internet electronic publishing, information consulting and advertising business.

Over the past 50 years, the Center is upholding the principles of “respecting academic spirit and civilization heritage”, collecting articles from the newspapers and journals published in China and assembling China’s academic resources. The Center has published a large quantity of high quality, high level and has worldwide reputation academic information, awarded the titles of “Window of China’s Academic Information”, “Bridge of Cultural Exchange between China and other countries.”

Journal publishing is the core business of the Center. The Center has the largest numbers of legal entities in China and has published 148 journals that fall into 4 series: “Replicated Journals”, “Digest”, “Serials and Materials Index”, “Original Journals”. Academic journals and the community generally agreed that the quantity of reproduction of the Center’s “Replicated Journals” is a fair evaluation criterion in Humanities and Social Sciences Journal fields.

In recent years, in order to meet the needs requirement of the development of digital, the Center has began the process of digital and internet publishing. In addition, the Center has processed to transform the traditional journal publishing industry into a new networking and digitalization form and became one of the upstanding units. Till now, the Center has 5 series CD-ROM electronic products. After obtain the permission of the publication of the Internet in 2008, the Center’s network publishing program has been startup.

Based on the brand and solid foundation for business of the Center, consulting, advertising and other business development has been develop continually through the high quality service, and has become a new growth point of the Center’s future development.

In 2008, the Information Center for Social Sciences of Renmin University of China will celebrate its 50 years anniversary. To catch this rare opportunity, the Center will follow the spirit of “17th Congress” about “Promoting Vigorous Development and Prosperity of Socialist Culture”, to intensify “Quality Consciousness, Market Consciousness, Internationalization Consciousness, Collectivization Consciousness and Effectiveness Consciousness,” to hold high the “Renmin University Replicated Journals” gold-lettered signboard, and to trending towards the course of expand, using the self-fission and Capital Operation as the main measure, paying attention to keep the characteristics of publishing and trying to get a new glorious towards the Collectivization developmental direction.